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An Introduction to Compliance Issues for Small Farmers Webinar

It's time to think strategically about compliance


As a farmer selling a most grocery stores and certain other markets, you must abide by certain compliance and food safety regulations. 

Minimizing your compliance cost requires you, the farmer, to think strategically. If harvesting cut greens requires a certified kitchen in your state, should you consider selling standard heads of lettuce instead?

In this webinar, Dr. Storey discusses a few of the main considerations you need to know about before entering the market including some of the benefits of using ZipGrow towers for Live Sales.

Throughout the webinar, Dr. Storey discusses what compliance issues apply to your farm, what you need to prepare, and how to think strategically about compliance.

In this free webinar on compliance for small farmers, you'll also learn:

  • The basics of Good Agricultural Practices (GAP)
  • How to perform inspections and keep logs
  • How to think strategically about compliance
  • Other legislative issues you should know about as a farmer

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