Automated Dosing: Increase Profits & Decrease Labor

It's time to think strategically about how you dose your system.

What can automated dosing do for you?

Autodosing.jpgThinking about an automated dosing system, but not sure where to start or how you will justify the cost?

When someone suggests you may need an expensive new system to run your business, you might be tempted to quietly tip toe away.

The reality is that you may need an automated dosing system to run a commercial hydroponic system. Even so - you can save money (and frustration) down the road by choosing an automatic dosing system that is right for your facility and your needs.

In this #UpstartWebinar, nutrient dosing automation expert, Kelley Nicholson of AutoGrow America, discusses how you can increase profits and decrease labor with automated dosing. 

In this free webinar you'll learn:

  • Dosing basics (automated and manual)
  • Why automated dosing might be right for you
  • Types, components, features, and functions of autodosers
  • Installation and maintenance
  • The pro's and con's of autodosing

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