Get the most out of your greenhouse.

When you are planning a crop rotation, having insights from previous growers can be invaluable.  These numbers come from our test facility at our location in Wyoming, and they were meticulously recorded for Dr. Storey's agronomy research. 

We have growers who are getting these numbers and more. But you want to know the real secret? It's production-estimates-book.pnglearning how to market your produce as a premium product. We know growers who are getting over $10 a pound wholesale for their lettuce mix. And their customers are paying it happily.

The reason? It's fresh. It's beautiful. It's tasty. And it's local. 

  • Verified production numbers from our CSA greenhouse
  • Seed to germination time
  • Seed to transplant time
  • Transplant to harvest
  • Yield in pounds / tower
  • pH range
  • EC/PPM
  • Light requirements
  • Crop stature
  • Harvest method

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