The Modern Farmer's Guide to Artificial Lighting

Everything you need to know when choosing your indoor lighting

When it comes to artificial lighting, things caModern_Farmers_Guide_to_Artificial_Lighting.pngn get confusing in a hurry.

To be successful, however, indoor farmers have to know not only how their plants use light, but what lights are best suited for their operation. 

Unfortunately, this information is not always easily accessible, and if it is, it's usually a little biased. 

The Modern Farmer's Guide to Artificial Lighting is our straight-forward, no BS guide to help you make informed decisions about your lighting needs. 

In this guide, you'll get easy-to-understand explanations of:

  • Types of indoor lighting
  • Measurements of light intensity and how to use them
  • How light-emitting diodes (LEDs) work
  • Considerations of LED form factors such as box, panel, and bar lights
  • Information from farmers, for farmers.


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